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Mangar Bathing Cushion – Product Review

Mangar Bathing Cushion

The many positive reviews suggest that the Mangar bathing cushion is a useful and effective bath lift.

Users do need reasonable upper body stability and to be able to stand from the maximum seated height of 40cm (although being in water will help with this).

Set up and instructions seem easy to follow.  The cushion is portable, removable and easy to operate. It has built-in safety features, so you will never become stuck at the bottom of the bath. 

One advantage over other types of bathing product is that you can submerge fully in the bath. This means you get the benefits of soaking in warm water, which is great if you have aches and pains in your muscles or joints.



Price range £449 - £826 (including VAT) Shop around for the best price and don't forget to apply for VAT relief if you are entitled. Also check sizes if your bath is exceptionally deep, to make sure the cushion will lift you to the top of the bath.


We give the cushion 4 out of a maximum 5 stars. Not the prettiest or most stylish bathing aid but not the worst by any means. And by submerging you in the bath, you can lie back in film-star bubbles.


We give this cushion a maximum 5 out of 5 stars for aiding ability. It allows you to bathe in safety and comfort. Users cite many benefits and speak very positively about the cushion.


If you have difficulty getting in and out of the bath, then the Mangar bathing cushion may be the product you’re looking for. 

Comfortable, portable, and easy to use, the cushion can reduce your anxiety about bathing. 

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a soak in a nice warm bath again?

Main Review

Photo of Mangar Bathing Cushion

The Manager Bathing Cushion is a user-friendly, portable and convenient product to help you get in and out of the bath.

The cushion works via battery power.  The batteries power an airflow compressor which stands alongside the bath. This compressor has a tube leading to the cushion, which it uses to inflate and deflate. 

There is also a waterproof hand control coming from the compressor, which you use to inflate and deflate the cushion.

When you’re not using it, the cushion stores flat. It is extremely lightweight, only 2kg (4.5 lbs). This means you can easily remove it from the bath tub for storage.  Or you can take it with you if you’re leaving home.

Installation is as simple as laying it in your bath, and putting the power pack on the floor beside the tub.  The cushion has suction cups on the bottom which stick to the bath, meaning the cushion doesn’t move around as you are using it.

As the cushion inflates, it adapts to the shape of your bath, filling the available space. This makes it stable when you’re using it, but no expensive installation is needed.

How does it work?

There are just three simple steps to using the cushion:

  1. Place it in the bath and inflate it using the hand control
  2. Sit on the inflated cushion – the seat will be level with the top of the bath. Then gently deflate the cushion until you are lying down in the water
  3. When you are finished, use the hand control to inflate the cushion until you can get out easily and comfortably

Important things to know

  • The upper weight limit for the cushion in 24 stones (152 kgs)
  • Batteries should be left on charge when you are not using the cushion
  • There is an inbuilt safety feature so that you never get stuck at the bottom of the bath.  The cushion will not deflate and lower you down, unless there is enough power in the batteries to raise you up again
  • Cleaning seems straightforward.  You are advised to rinse the cushion with clean water after use.  Then inflate it and leave it to dry.  The manufacturers also recommend that you remove the cushion from the bath tub at least once a week and clean the surface of the bath, and the suction cups.  This will ensure good adhesion when you are using the cushion
  • The maximum depth when inflated is 40cm.  You may want to check this if you have an especially deep bath
  • The manufacturers, www.mangarhealth.com offer extended warranties and service packages. These can be bought after you buy one of their products (or at the same time), and they include an annual service and a breakdown service
  • If you suffer from a long-term condition you may be able to buy the Mangar bathing cushion vat-free
  • Replacement batteries, compressors and hand controls are available, if you ever need them

How buyers rate the Mangar bathing cushion

I found 33 reviews of the Mangar bathing cushion, across various sites.  Of these:

18 were 5 star reviews

14 gave 4 stars

1 gave a 1 star review

What really shines through in the reviews is how the bathing cushion helps users enjoy bathing again. Reviews repeatedly mentioned reduced anxiety, increased confidence and independence.

What people liked about the Mangar bathing cushion:

  • Improved independence, being able to get in and out of the bath unaided
  • The cushion’s comfort and stability
  • Comfort associated with having a soak in warm water
  • Feeling of safety when using the cushion
  • Being able to get right to the bottom of the bath, meaning you ge the benefit of warm water over all of your joints
  • Low noise when operated
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to set up
  • Instructions are easy to understand
  • Feels solid when fully inflated
  • Promotes confidence

What people didn’t like about the Mangar bathing cushion:

  • As you inflate you need to adjust your position from reclining to sitting upright.  This may be difficult for some people.  The movement can also cause splashing if you don’t let some water out of the bath first
  • The cushion isn’t as smooth to lie on as the bottom of the bath itself
  • The compressor is quite heavy to carry from the bathroom to another room for charging
  • It does take a while for the cushion to deflate and dry for storage purposes
  • For people without much strength, it could be difficult to remove the cushion from the bath for cleaning, drying and storage – which may mean it can become mouldy

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