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Drive Nitro Rollator – Product Review

Drive Nitro Rollator

Described by users as the “Ferrari” and “Rolls Royce” of rollators. 

Lightweight, sturdy, safe and comfortable. 

Easy to fold and to transport.

Stylish good looks and ease of use makes this high on our list of favourite walking aids. 


Price range £150.00 - £234.00 (including VAT). Shop around for the best price and don't forget to apply for VAT relief if you are entitled. Look at the various options below to ensure you choose the right version to meet your needs.


We give this rollator a maximum 5 stars. Its euro-styling and bright colours make this an attractive walking aid. I have one and I find it attracts a lot of positive comments, and I feel very happy to be seen out and about with it.


Again 5 stars for aiding ability. It's a sturdy walker with built-in safety features. It manoeuvres well and is comfortable to push and to sit on. It's easy to fold and lightweight. Everything you could want in a mobility aid.


Do have have difficulty walking very far without support?  Do you get tired, or suffer from pain, and need somewhere to sit and rest?

A rollator may be just the aid that you’re looking for.

The Drive Nitro Rollator comes in a range of sizes, to suit most people.  

It is stylish, well-built and easy to use.

It has a comfortable seat and backrest so that you can rest whenever you want to.

Large wheels means you feel safe and supported when you’re walking.

See the Nitro in action in the video below. 

Main Review

Photo of Drive Nitro Rollator open and closed

The Drive Nitro rollator is a four-wheeled walker suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

It’s modern styling and bright colours make it eye-catching and attractive.

Folding and moving the Nitro

The Nitro has a cross-brace which means it folds from side to side, rather than from back to front.  This means that it takes up less room than some other rollators when it is folded.  This is great when you are in a coffee shop or at the theatre (or at home), because you can stand it in the corner easily. Once you’ve folded it, there is a large clip that you pull round to make sure it stays folded.  This makes it easier to lift onto the bus, or get into the car.

The Nitro is good on the move.  It has a castor fork so that it moves easily, and the front wheels are a large 10 inches.  This means it moves over all sorts of terrain.  (Although it’s not designed for “off-road” use).  It is good for uneven pavements, including cobbles.

Safety features

Safety is a big feature of the Nitro.  The brake cables are inside the frame, so that they don’t get caught on anything.  It also looks more streamlined that way.  

The brakes are very good, and they lock when you sit down, so that you feel safe. The rollator that I had before the Nitro used to move when I sat on it, so the stability of the Nitro is one of the features I particularly like. 

Adjusting the Nitro

It is easy to adjust the Nitro to make it comfortable.  There are large push buttons that you use to adjust the height, and these are suitable even if you have a weak grip. Both the handles and the back support are adjustable.

Sitting and storage

I was a bit worried about the seat when I first got my Nitro.  It looks a bit flimsy in the photograph.  But in real life it is soft, strong and surprisingly comfortable.  The back rest moulds to your back so you feel supported, but nothing digs in or feels uncomfortable.

The removable, zipped storage bag is quite spacious, so you really don’t need to take another bag with you when you’re out with the Nitro.  

If you do have things in the bag, then you need to remove it before you fold it. 


How buyers rate the Drive Nitro rollator

I found 86 reviews of the Drive Nitro Rollator.  Of these:

70 were 5 star reviews

10 gave 4 stars

2 gave 2 stars 

4 gave a 1 star review

The main points that shone out from all the reviews were around the quality of the Nitro compared with other rollators.  People described it as the “Ferrari” or “Rolls Royce” of rollators.

What people liked about the Drive Nitro Rollator:

  • Easy to fold and unfold and it folds flat for storage and transportation
  • Comfortable seat
  • Easy steering
  • Good brakes
  • Easily adjustable
  • Good build quality
  • Sturdily made
  • Great support for walking
  • Lighter than other models
  • Improves walking ability
  • Good for using on public transport, because it is easy to handle and fold up
  • Because the seat folds up in the middle, it makes it easy to get through most doorways
  • Feels very safe when the brakes are applied
  • The colour!
  • Very stable
  • Looks modern

What people didn’t like about the Drive Nitro Rollator:

  • Some people did still find it quite heavy to lift, for example to lift it into a car boot
  • The brackets for the bag are a bit flimsy and can easily snap off
  • Rollator won’t fold if there is anything in the bag, which stops people from using the bag
  • High cost of spare parts if needed

Different options are available

c0lcc_Nitro HD Rollator in Black RTL10266HD-BLK low

Heavy duty

A heavy duty version is available, suitable for people weighing up to 32 stones (204kg). Unfortunately the heavy duty version doesn't seem to be available in red, but it looks smart in black with grey accents anyway. Prices for the HD version are a bit steeper, ranging from £264.00 to £388.00 (including VAT).

uguik_Nitro Rollator Tall in Red RTL10266-T (1) low


This version is designed for people who are 6 feet or taller. The user weight limit is the same as the standard rollator. 21 stones or 135kg. Prices range from £197.00 to £266.00 (including VAT).

nro73_Nitro Rollator


This version is specially for people who are under 5'2'. Like the standard version, it has a weight capacity of 21 stones or 135kg. Prices range from £197.00 to £266.00 (including VAT).

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