About Sassy

Welcome to Sassability, the website that showcases stylish disability products to help you get through your day with ease.

My focus is on ability rather than disability

I’ve always been a gal who likes to look stylish.  Matching bags and shoes, lipstick that goes with what I’m wearing, I never leave the house without perfume, I love make-up, trying out new hairstyles, and generally all the fun stuff that makes me sassy!

When I developed a disability (several types of arthritis), I was pragmatic about the need to start using aids to help me get through my day.  I viewed them in the same way I viewed having to wear spectacles.  And look at all the stylish, covetable frames that are available now!

That was before I realised what was on offer in the way of disability equipment.  Quite frankly I was horrified, and a little bit depressed.  The stuff on offer just didn’t fit with my idea of style at all.

For ages I coped with this by struggling on without using the things that I needed.  This was not a good move in the long-term.  Firstly it meant I stopped doing things that I had previously enjoyed, as I was no longer physically able to take part – or found it too painful or tiring.  And it was also a bit dangerous, and silly – falling over because I was too stubborn to use a walking aid isn’t sassy, it’s just stupid.

So, I accepted I needed to use aids, so that I could do the things that I wanted to do.  This change in perspective stopped me from feeling sorry for myself.  My focus was on what I could do, rather than what I couldn’t.

Why does everything have to be beige?

So, armed with my new focus on ability rather than disability, I still balked at what was on offer.  Why are so many perfectly useful aids coloured beige?  Using one of them would immediately make me feel like I was ready for a nursing home, something I hope is a long way off!  My other pet hate is moulded white plastic – is it just me, or does anyone else shudder at the thought of it?

So I set out to find aids which are useful, do the job they are supposed to do, but also look stylish.  Something that I don’t actually mind using.  I had to look hard sometimes, but I persevered and my life is easier as a result.  And no less stylish!

Along the way I realised that I couldn’t be the only person having this problem, there must be other sassy girls and guys out there who are looking for similar items.

Sassability showcases stylish and useful products

I created Sassability as a community to share the products that we come across that are both stylish and useful.  It is a place to review and recommend items, so that no-one ever has to feel downhearted simply because they need something to help them live their life.

By listing the items we are happy to use, people can buy what they need, and get on with enjoying life.

And still look stylish of course!

Sassability needs you to share and contribute, as real reviews are a great way of finding the items that you need. So please share your experiences and the products you love.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

With my thanks and very best wishes,